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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 26, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. step up security after the deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan in san francisco. what the suspect's father is saying in his son's defense and what we're learning about the victim tonight. new details about the suspect in a murder on muni. the arsenal police found at his home. and he says he has what it takes to lead oakland. how he is already shaking up the mayor's race in one big way. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we are hearing a different story. police are charging 21-year- old, michael montgomery of lodi with homicide in the death of 24-year-old, jonathan denver. the suspect's dad, marty, told the newspaper that giants suck at his son's friend who was wearing a giants hat.
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michael montgomery told his dad he defended himself after denver and his buddies assaulted him. even hitting him over the head with a chair. his dad says that is when his son stabbed denver. montgomery says his son was in san francisco to attend a rave, not go to the guam. joe voces joe vasquez will have more. brian. >> reporter: ken, first, both teams put out statements today saying how shocked and saddened they were. a giants fan came up to me and said will you tell dodgers fans we are not all bad people. there is a lot of worry. worry this will reflect poorly on the team, the fans, and the city.
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tonight's game began not with an at bat, but a moment of silence. >> giants fans, we would like to guff our deepest sympathies during this difficult time. >> it's sad to have that happen here. >> the stadium covered in orange and blue with fans in shock over the senseless stabbing. sparked over team outfits. something this husband and wife can't understand. >> it's nothing personal, you know, i don't know why it gets so far, because it gives us a bad name. >> extra officers on hand. some dressed in uniforms you can see, others wearing team jerseys you cannot. >> do you feel sov? >> safe? >> yeah. it makes me think about it. >> fans from both teams insist that killing is not about all baseball fans going bad or even a less tolerant society. because even a little leaguer
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leaguer knows, it's only a game. >> so all that security that was in and around the guam heads out to the bar area, tried to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again tonight. live in san francisco, kpix5. >> the victim, jonathan denver lived in fort bragg where he was a plumber's apprentice. that's where joe vasquez joins us live. joe. >> reporter: john denver worked here at the north coast plumbing and heating. his boss said today, he's a very hard worker. i talked to one of his coworkers who said he was a member of this family and there's a will lot of raw emotion. case in point, a friend of his told me john was an easy going kind of guy, not the type to get in fights. he's the kind of guy that always had a smile on his face, and his friends who have been
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posting friends can't believe he was killed. >> i can't believe it. i was at work when i found out and it doesn't, i don't believe it yet. just going on facebook, seeing all the pictures, it just doesn't seem real. i feel like i'm going to see him later. >> but she won't. i spoke with john's grandmother this evening a short while ago at his home. you know, nobody wanted to talk on camera. he was a sweet kid. they can't believe this happened. the family is in a great deal of pain. when i said there are a lot of people praying, she said i know that and i appreciate it. reporting live from fort bragg, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> also tonight, family and friends gather to remember a 20- year-old college student whose life was cut short on monday. kpix5's linda yee on the memorial for justin valdez and the new details about his accused killer. >> he was there for me
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personally. >> family and fellow students remember 20-year-old, justin valdez in a tearful candle light vigil. >> it makes me happy to see all your faces here and to know that, you know, you all continue to love and support him. >> on monday, september 21 -- >> police revealed startling new information about the gunman that killed justin after following him off a muni streetcar monday night. investigators say seen here on a muni surveillance video pulled the gun and openfully flashed the weapon on the car. after arresting him outside his home near san francisco state, police made a shock discovery. >> at the time of this arrest, he had $20,000 in cash on his person. >> and a cash of weapons, including several assault ruefuls, a backpack with a computer and a first aide kit. what officers called survival gear that hinted at something
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more sinister than the suspect's plans. >> we don't know that other an that you would be hard pressed to understand why someone would possess this much fire power and being capable of carrying out a homicidal act. >> they did not each other, but attended fs state. justin's friends can't believe what happened. >> very heartbreaking. i'm numb to everything. i can't make sense to any of it. >> investigators say they have no motive for the shooting, but the suspect will be charged with murder and due in court tomorrow. in san francisco, lune da yee, kpix5. >> the suspect is facing assault weapons charges. police are asking anyone with more information about him to please come forward. >> with two weeks to go before another possible bart shutdown, there is new effort to avoid it all together. steve glaisher is circulating a petition for state law that bans transit workers from
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striking. critics say the power of public employees to influence the negotiating process makes the bargaining situation tricky. bart's decision to shut down cell phone service a couple years ago has led to a new california law. governor joe signed it. starting january 1, a court order will be needed to interrupt wireless communication services. in august of 2011, bart pulled the plug on cell phone service at some of san francisco's stations because of protests. the state senator who authored the bill said arbitrarily, shutting off cell phone service could put a lot of people in dodge since they would be unable to call 911. the governor also signed a bill today ensuring more rights for domestic workers. including nannies and housekeepers are required to get overtime pay. that is if they work more than 9 hours a day or more than 4500
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hours a week. law goes into effect in january, but will end in 2017 unless it is renewed by state lawmakers. >> a leader in the east bay says he has what it takes to be the next mayor of oakland. the election is still a year away and he raised thousands of dollars. kpix5 caught up with the man and asked what sets him apart? >> at 44 years old with no political background, brian parker is the only reel relative known for running for mayor. he is quick to say he is already making history. >> we were the first campaign in america to use crowd sourcing as a use of raising funds in a male race. >> in june, parker put this challenge to oaklanders. >> if over a ten-day period, the people of oakland would contribute $20,000, we would be in the race. >> forget the fund raising
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dinner. parker launched a cash campaign on the website, >> we raised $59,000, versus the $20,000. >> he kept raising money, backed by a group called movement 50, parker would raise $108,000 over six weeks. mayor quan only raised $66,000 since january. >> it doesn't translawsuit into being a good leader. >> that's exactly right. money is only a proxy. >> part of what does make him a good leader is his perspective on violence. his sister was murdered in 198. >> i'm a leader that has been but what the city is going through and that is knowing the pain of this violence. >> a former volunteer and president obama's reelection campaign -- he believes that addressing the homicide rot will start with number crunching. >> we study data and then based on the data, we'll make some decisions. we are not going to tolerate a
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culture that says it's okay to kill. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> the mayor will run for reelection, also throwing his hat in the race is political analyst, joe chuman. >> streets shut down. how a bank robber managed to cause such a commotion. >> i put on 150 to 200 miles in a sung l day. >> willing to make the trek to the bay area. why more and more people say super commuting is worth it. >> the changes mcdonald's is making to help you cut calories. >> fire danger still elevated. tonight and early tomorrow, but the red flag warning will expire tomorrow morning. there's a different change coming up. find out when it will become cloud duh and wets in my forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"...kaboom!" a bomb s metty good scare this afternoon after an attempted bank robbery. the bomb squad had to blow up a couple suspicious packages, apparently left behind by the
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suspect. man tried to hold up a bank of america, didn't get very far. when police arrested him, he told police about those packages. police shut down several downtown streets. cleared out businesses for several hours to search for more possible exemployees uvs. >> they work here in the bay area, but for many people, it's a long way home. so-called super commuters live close to 1 00 miles away. why more and more people are making the drive. >> you want water? >> for the michael family of mountain house, the morning routine goes quick. good bouyes to his wife, jenny, and two-year-old son, conner, and off to the freeways for everyone. jenny and conner are off to work and daycare and michael hits the road where he is a regional manager for an industrial light fixture company. >> i put on 150 to 200 miles in a single day. >> people who live in the san
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joaquin valley who commute into the bay area every day for work. >> if you leave before 7:00, typically you are okay. >> he spends around four hours a day behind the wheel. it's a sacrifice he is willing to make. >> we're in a new built home and i couldn't get something like that inside the bay area. >> bay area housing prices are on the rise again and for the mid $500,000, the price of a two-bedroom condo, you can buy a four bedroom home with a yard in mountain house. a place turning itself around from the dark days of the recession. >> mountain house was the number one community in the nation for homes being under water. >> and now? >> just gone gang buster. >> home prices here and in other valley towns are rebounding. there are fewer bank owned homes and multiple offers. >> they are selling out. people are waiting to buy a house. >> construction crews are at work building 1,000 new homes and the long awaited high school is being bullet.
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major pieces are still missing. one of mountain house's original developers was going to build a major shopping center complete with a major supermarket and other services. those plans fell through when the recession hit and this land has been vacant ever since. the nearest grocery still is in the next town, tracy. for michael, he is getting what is most important to him, room to grow and equity. >> homes are being priced $30,000 more than he paid back in june. that makes all the miles worth it. kpix5. >> residents of mountain house will be meeting on october 19 with the new developer to find out what kind of new supermarkets the town wants. >> tonight, san jose and sol con valley business leaders celebrated of san jose's convention center. chuck reid -- the $130 million
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upgrade has 125,000 square feet of meeting and ballroom space. >> what it enables us to do is to be able to host larger conferences, but also multiple conferences at the same time. so this is going to enable us to do a lot more and brung more people downtown. >> the convention center will officially open on october 10 with the community day celebration. that's free and open to the public. >> they may be known for academics, but two of the bay area's top universities are getting national attention for their food. kpix5 explains you don't have to be a student to dine on campus bart gain prices. >> the decor is modern, the food mostly organic and the service couldn't be faster. welcome to cow where the cafeterias were ranked 16th and students and staff chow down on things like sustain belie certified seafood, burgers, and
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pizza. >> there have been days when i said wow, this has been the best i had. >> mystery meat went out in the early 90s. >> school food has come a long way in the past few decades. >> we try to emulate what everyone focuses on. fresh, healthier for you foods. >> and that fresh food is not just for students and staff. the school estimates 5% of workers don't live or work on campus. like sam who wandered in by accident. he gives his vegetarian meal an a, but some people not quite as enthusiastic aren't as enthusiastic. the all-you-can-eat prices are delectable. and while you will have to pus your own dishes, most can agree cal berkeley is a smart choice. berkeley has four calf fear yays and stanford ranked high
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on the survey with nine cafeterias open to the public. with more information, head to >> you want a side salad with that big mack? get used to hearing that. mcdonald's is updating its menu. customers in 20 countries, including the u.s., will be able to substitute fruit, veggie, or fries. why the big change? wants to be part of the solution, not the problem when it comes to obesity. >> the only pressure is the pressure to continue to evolve with customers and their changing needs and eating habits. any business that is not doing that won't be a business. >> even the kids menu is getting a makeover. only water, milk, and juice will be shown on menu boards for kids happy meal, not soda. advertising directed to children will feature messages
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about nutrition. >> it's so hard to turn down those fries. takes a lot of will power. >> get the fries and the salad. >> but they are so good. just as a treat, though. >> the apples are good, too. >> not as good. >> you know that. all right, a live look outside. clear skies. san jose, beautiful shot right there. close to the airport downtown. you're going to have a sun gnu day tomorrow. bay bridge, clear skies again. no marine layer. it will be back on sunday, but enjoy a sun-filled friday and saturday. friday morning, another chilly morning out there. if you're going to be up early, maybe a light jacket. napa 51. sunrise 7:03. look at the lack of a temperature spread today. san ramon 28 miles apart. today, only 3 degrees apart.
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the summertime, that could be 40-degree temperature spread. today just three. sunny, breezy for you tomorrow. microclimate forecast stop. sunny and warm on saturday with a high of 83 degrees. we are getting warmer because now we are starting to crank up that offshore wind. the wind is keeping us dry. it's also warming us up because the wind is not included. eliminating that ocean influence and be back on sunday. more cloud cover, cooler temperatures and on monday, the next front moves through and this isn't just gong to hit the northwest, it will make it down here. a slight shower chance coming up on monday morning. the winds, you dealt with them today. be sunny and warm the next couple of days. cloudier on sand with a slight chance of showers. san jose up to 78. a couple degrees below normal 82 for pleasant hill.
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pittsburgh 82. dublin 81. san rafael 81 degrees and santa rosa, 80 degrees. warmest day will be saturday. mainly sunny skies. sunday, a little cooler and then on monday, chance of showers. that will be out by tuesday. we could use rain, so timing is good, morntiond not the weekend. a couple showers. >> we need it. no more messing with slips of paper. how post its are going digital. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now av post it notes are going digital. the handy little sticky notes are available on mobile devices, a partnership between post it and the organization app, ever note, lets users sauve items like notes and audio files and access them on mobile devices. >> the 49ers look to post themselves a win. it's been really hard to watch the past few weeks. jim harbaugh and the 49ers look to get back on track. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for the first time in the j harbaugh era... tonight they would have to get it done the 49ers have lost two in a row for the firms the first time in the jim harbaugh era. his first 100 yard game of the
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year. dives in for the touchdown. 7-3, 49ers. he had a huge night. 20 carries for 153 yards. his 34-yard touchdown before the half makes it 14-3. 49ers defense played like the 49ers defense. holding the rams defense to under 200 yards. navaro -- is this tom lincecum's final start? he strikes out puig three times. hopefully larry saw that. seven innings, six strikeouts. he left with a no decision. pagan ropes one, hits the top of the wall. goes out for a home run. giants beat the dodgers 3-2. and andy petit -- a huge love fest for the greatest closer in baseball history. of course, he took a little dirt with him on his way out. who wouldn't? >> what a career. >> last man to wear number 42.
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